Online Earning and Hacking Training 170+ Course Available| Rs 170

 🎁170 سے زائد ریکارڈڈ کورسز کا خزانہ 🎁

بھائی اگر اپ کورسز میں انٹرسٹ ہیں تو ہمارے پاس یہ کورسز ہیں۔

Earning and Hacking Training 170+ Course Available|| just RS 170

کورسز گوگل ڈرائیو میں موجود ہیں آپ کو گوگل ڈرائیو کا لنک بھیج دیا جائے گا۔

▶️Google Ads

. ▶️Tally ERP 9

. ▶️Ecommerce Website In Word press

. ▶️Bootstrap

▶️Logo Designing 

.▶️Computer Networking

▶️Ethical hacking Course Updated

▶️ Web application Development

.▶️Web Development Frontend

▶️Google Business

▶️. Master Seo Course

▶️ Up work Course 

▶️ Freelancers Course

▶️ Fiverr Course

▶️Software Development

▶️YouTube Course

▶️IOS App Development

.▶️Google AdSense Course

▶️Facebook Ads

▶️. SEO Content Writer

▶️Amazon Web Services

.▶️Computer Basic Training

▶️Ethical Hacking Training

▶️ React JS

.▶️Facebook Instant Ad Article 

▶️ Microsoft Access

.▶️ASP .Net and MVC

. ▶️Shopify Drop Shipping Course

▶️. SEO 2020

.▶️ Graphic designing

.▶️ Ecommerce Business

.▶️Amazon Business from Pakistan

. ▶️Vray 3DS Max Course

. ▶️jQuery Training Course

.▶️Forex Trading

▶️ Plumber Training

▶️Tailor Master

. ▶️Microsoft PowerPoint

▶️Auto – Mechanic

. ▶️Electrician Course

.▶️ Mobile Repairing

▶️. Beautician Course

▶️. Peachtree Accounting

▶️Game Development

▶️. Word Press Theme Development

▶️ Advance Social Media Marketing

. ▶️Option Trading

.▶️ Master of Photography

. ▶️Sketchbook Pro

▶️Cartoon Making

▶️ Basic of Programming

▶️ Video Scribe Course

▶️ Microsoft Word

▶️ Microsoft Excel 

▶️. Professional Video Making

▶️. Facebook Marketing For Real Estate

▶️ Learn English

▶️Fiverr - Services Platform

▶️. Affiliate Marketing

. ▶️Virtual Machine – OS

. ▶️Python Framework

▶️Python - Basic Programming

▶️ React js

.▶️ Business Accounting

.▶️Introduction Of IT

▶️Complete In page

▶️English Parts Of Speech with Tenses

. ▶️Video Editing

▶️ Search Engine Optimization 

▶️. My Sql Database

▶️.Youtube Earning 

.▶️ Bootstrap Front End

.▶️ CorelDraw

.▶️ Blogger Cms

. ▶️Wordpress CmS 

. ▶️Word Processing 

.▶️ Spreadsheet With Excell

▶️ Presentation Slides in Powerpoint

. ▶️Access Database

▶️. 3d Max

.▶️ Auto Cad 2D/3

▶️Word press Theme Designing

تو اگر اپ خریدنا چاہتے ہیں تو 03144779276


پیسے بھیج کر مجھے بتائیں انشاءاللہ سارے کورسز 2 منٹ میں مل جائیں گے۔

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