What Editing Software Does He Use?

The world of content creation on platforms like YouTube has exploded in recent years, with creators showcasing their unique talents and entertaining audiences across the globe. One such beloved content creator is CoryxKenshin, known for his engaging and often hilarious gaming videos, commentary, and entertaining vlogs. A common question among aspiring creators and fans alike is, "What editing software does CoryxKenshin use?" In this article, we'll dive into the world of video editing and unveil the software behind CoryxKenshin's captivating content.

CoryxKenshin: A YouTube Sensation

CoryxKenshin, whose real name is Cory Devante Williams, is a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers and billions of views on his channel. He's celebrated not only for his gaming content but also for his positive personality, humor, and philanthropic endeavors.

One of the essential aspects of CoryxKenshin's success is his engaging video editing style. His videos are polished, entertaining, and well-paced, which raises the question of which editing software he uses to craft his content.

CoryxKenshin's Choice: Adobe Premiere Pro

CoryxKenshin primarily uses Adobe Premiere Pro for his video editing needs. Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software widely employed in the film, television, and content creation industries. It's known for its versatility, robust features, and compatibility with a range of video formats.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

Professional-Quality Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro offers a wide array of advanced editing tools, making it suitable for both novice and experienced editors. Users can cut, trim, merge, and manipulate video clips with ease.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: Adobe Premiere Pro is available on both Windows and macOS, allowing content creators like CoryxKenshin to choose their preferred operating system.

Real-Time Editing: The software offers real-time editing capabilities, enabling creators to see changes immediately as they work on their projects.

Timeline-Based Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro's timeline-based editing interface provides a visual and intuitive way to arrange and edit video clips, audio, and effects.

Efficient Workflow: The software is designed for efficient editing workflows. It supports the use of keyboard shortcuts, customizable workspace layouts, and collaboration features for multi-editor projects.

High-Quality Audio Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro includes advanced audio editing tools and supports multiple audio tracks, allowing creators to achieve the perfect audio balance.

Color Correction and Grading: Creators can adjust the color and lighting of their videos using the software's built-in color correction and grading tools.

Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Premiere Pro seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition, enhancing the post-production process.

CoryxKenshin's Editing Style

CoryxKenshin's editing style is characterized by its fast pace, quick cuts, humorous visual effects, and seamless integration of gaming footage with his on-screen persona. He uses Adobe Premiere Pro's tools and features to create a cohesive and entertaining viewing experience.

Some key elements of CoryxKenshin's editing style include:

Jump Cuts: He often employs jump cuts, quick transitions between shots, to maintain viewer engagement and keep the content moving at a lively pace.

Sound Effects and Music: CoryxKenshin incorporates sound effects and music to enhance comedic moments or intensify the gaming experience.

Text and Graphics: He uses text overlays and graphics to add humor, commentary, or additional context to his videos.

Facecam: CoryxKenshin's facecam, where viewers can see his reactions and expressions, is a staple in many of his videos.

Engaging Thumbnails and Titles: Beyond video editing, he pays attention to creating eye-catching thumbnails and compelling video titles to attract viewers.

The Role of Adobe After Effects

While Adobe Premiere Pro serves as his primary video editing software, CoryxKenshin occasionally uses Adobe After Effects for more advanced visual effects and animations. Adobe After Effects is another powerful tool in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, specializing in motion graphics and visual effects.

With Adobe After Effects, creators can add dynamic animations, visual effects, and motion graphics to their videos. CoryxKenshin likely uses this software to create custom animations or enhance the visual appeal of his content.

Learning from CoryxKenshin's Editing Style

CoryxKenshin's editing style is not only entertaining but also a valuable source of inspiration for aspiring content creators. Here are some key takeaways:

Pacing is Crucial: Keeping the content engaging and fast-paced helps retain viewers' attention.

Humor Adds Flavor: Incorporating humor, whether through visuals, sound effects, or commentary, can elevate the entertainment value of videos.

Visual Consistency: Maintaining a consistent visual style and using familiar graphics or elements can help create a recognizable brand.

Engage with Your Audience: CoryxKenshin's reactions and interactions with his audience contribute to a strong sense of community.

Experiment and Evolve: It's essential to experiment with different editing techniques and gradually refine your editing style over time.


CoryxKenshin's choice of Adobe Premiere Pro as his primary video editing software speaks to its versatility and capability for creating engaging and entertaining content. His editing style, characterized by humor, quick cuts, and clever visual effects, has resonated with millions of viewers, making him a beloved figure in the YouTube gaming community.

Aspiring content creators can draw inspiration from CoryxKenshin's approach to video editing and storytelling. With the right software, dedication, and a touch of creativity, anyone can create compelling and engaging content that captivates audiences worldwide.

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